Welcome to DNA Mobility, home of commercial network and mobile solutions for your business.

Regardless of scope, our team of experts are dedicated to providing your business with outstanding network and mobile devices.

DNA Mobility stands for “Device, Network and Application”.  DNA Mobility offers you a one stop shop for your hardware, cellular network across most major carriers, and business specific applications to offer a turn key solution to provide mobile connectivity.

Buy the AirLink RV50 Modem now! - DNA Mobility - West Fargo, ND

Already have the devices or the network?

DNA Mobility is flexible enough to offer just the hardware, or just the network to power your application!  We pride ourselves on providing carrier & access services on differing multiple modems, gateways and access hardware in an agnostic and dynamic platform built on our award winning, secure and private cellular network!

In addition to selling any telemetry or access gateway devices and modems, we offer premier network support models so your business can pick the best solution.

  • Hosted Private Network (Base)
  • Private Tunnel – Securely access your Private Network
  • VPN Server – Allow remote users to access your Private Network
  • Content Filtering – Block and restrict and control access to internet traffic

Our plans also have multiple additional services and support, guaranteeing continued quality service.

Unsure what network solution is the best fit for your business?

Contact us, and we’ll help you find the right service package for your needs.


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