“We purchased Sierra Wireless modems from DNA Mobility and had our M2M data plans directly with our wireless carrier with public static IPs.  We received notification from our carrier that some of our devices were going dramatically over their data plan allotment and in a mere few hours, had north of 20K in overage charges.  Due to the devices having both compromised firmware and being on a public IP they were a target for attackers. We made the switch that day to DNA Mobility’s hosted private network solution (using private static IPs) and had all 48 of our devices implemented in 2-3 days. This allowed for a secure communication between our modems in the field and our data collection servers in our office without exposing those modems to the general internet.  I recommend DNA Mobility for the security, ease of doing business with, and their execution. It makes it so much easier to have that “one hand to shake” by buying the hardware, the network, and the application support of the entire solution from one company”

Steve B.

Nodak Electrical Cooperative


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