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DNA Mobility is committed to providing your business with commercial grade mobile and network solutions.

Buy the Sierra Wireless LX60 Modem now! - DNA Mobility - West Fargo, ND

DNA Mobility is your one-stop shop for commercial networking solutions

Through turn-key solutions and architecture applications built from scratch, we use our knowledge to create the best solution for your business.

DNA Mobility is flexible enough to offer just the hardware, or just the network to power your application as well as we pride ourselves on being carrier agnostic, even when it comes to our award winning, secure private cellular network.

Our mobile and network solutions can offer your business all the following:

Increased Productivity

Increased Efficiencies

Decreased Cost

Enhanced Next Generation

You no longer need to struggle with hosting your networks and managing them as time goes on. We have multiple different tiers of network and mobile solutions to have the right product and services to fit your needs.

We can isolate and secure your company mobile devices through our private network, be it allowing remote access, block internet access, and completely secure your online traffic.

Let DNA Mobile protect your business.

Contact us, and we’ll help you find the right service package for your needs.


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